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[DISCUSSION] Official Because of You discussion thread

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[DISCUSSION] Official Because of You discussion thread Empty [DISCUSSION] Official Because of You discussion thread

Post by PlayboyzAdam Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:28 pm

Because of You is a beautifully composed and choreograph ballad/dance song. The soft piano line that repeats throughout the entire song reinforces a feeling of sombreness contrasting with stronger/heavier bass and vocal tones to give a dynamic mix of soft and strong emotions. Because of You is truly a masterpiece...that I initially really hated. I h8 sad songs(that's not what I signed up for when I got into After School), I h8 the word "boy" in songs (PLEASE STOP USING IT IN SONGS LYRICISTS), I h8 the fact that they cut Jung Ah's hair short, gave her bangs and dye it a bring colour(Jung Ah agrees with me too) and I really really h8 this new concept they were promoting After School with i.e. grown up, all serious and sad. I didn't get into After School to be made feel sad, serious or old...LOL which I guess am now since that was 9 years a go but since then I've learnt to appreciate the true master piece that is Because of You and from an artistic perspective I've learn to appreciate After School's ability ace whatever concepts they attempt.

p.s. I initially intended to this to be a #9YearsWithAfterSchool twitter post but thought I'll post it here to try and get some activity going in this forum.

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