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[DISCUSSION] Official Flash Back discussion thread

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[DISCUSSION] Official Flash Back discussion thread Empty [DISCUSSION] Official Flash Back discussion thread

Post by PlayboyzAdam Mon Dec 21, 2020 10:18 pm

I love Flash Back but my favorite song in the album was Eyeline. Flash Back was suppose to be for After School go back to their roots to satisfy the fans (which I was one of) calling for After School to return with a song like Ah and Diva. While I appreciate the gesture (thank you Pledis and After School), Flash Back missed the mark.

In their early days (before BoY), After School promoted with the idea of presenting stages that capture the feeling of excitement of school ending for the day (i.e. where the name After School originated from) so they went with hip hop genres and model themselves after Pussy Cat Dolls. The major differences between Flash Back and what After School had in their early days was that Flash Back was dark and had a more serious tone and presented a more mature concept while in their early days After School was brighter and had a more fun tone and presented a more of a youthful school girl concept. Also the genre of the music change from hip hop in Ah to electronic/dance in Flash Back.

Their early days presented concepts that showed off their charismatic side and Flash Back tried to emulate that however Flash Back also missed the mark on that. During the time of Flash Back and til now the term charismatic in Kpop change to an adjective meaning scary/serious so if someone was serious/scary they were charismatic. However in After School's early days, charismatic had the the same meaning as it has from it's English origins "exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others.". In their early days After School showed of their charisma through the confidence and skills (THAT WHY I BECAME A FAN AND STILL AM A FAN!!!  Very Happy) they exude in their performances. Examples of the confidence and skill I'm talking about includes the way Kahi did her power walk in Ah and their strong raps. The choreography for Flash Back is more intricate and complicated than the choreography for Ah and Ah is a relatively simple dance however what makes the choreography for Ah so hard to pull off was that to perform it properly, you'll need show off the charisma I previously mentioned. The reason why Nayoung and her opponent's team did so blasphemously bad with their covers for Ah in Produce 101 was they lacked that charisma in their performance.

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