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[DISCUSSION] Official First Love discussion thread

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[DISCUSSION] Official First Love discussion thread Empty [DISCUSSION] Official First Love discussion thread

Post by PlayboyzAdam Mon Dec 21, 2020 10:10 pm

Even though they didn't explicitly state that First Love was suppose to be for After School to go back to their roots like what they did with Flash Back I still get the sense that Pledis was trying to (at least in some part). The reason why I felt that is because they got Brave Brothers to produce the intro track and title track ( i.e. Flash Back) for the album just like they what they did back when After School first started and the intro track is hip hop just like when their first started. I love First Love, it is a really funny song about the After School members reminiscing about their first love...NANA LOL. I usually criticized lyricists for their lazy ars* lyrics but Brave Brothers lazy ars* are pretty catchy and in First Love's case pretty funny too. I've timed it before and found out that about one third of the song is just them singing Nana's name. For First love, they definitely weren't playing it safe. The use of pole dancing was contraversial but they wanted to show it of as the art it is. What I didn't like was that they were calling it "pole art". It's called pole dancing and pole dancing is its proper name. Calling it pole art to disassociate it with strippers is a disservice to the art. What should be done is people should be educated on the fact that pole dancing is not stripping.

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