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Post by PlayboyzAdam Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:32 pm

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS 54f76e8723b8f735ccfbeaf5f7c309f8

The album title ‘Dress to kill’ means ‘dress up to gain attention from others’. Please point out each member’s killer fashion!

Raina said “I have confidence with my legs, so I guess it’s hot pants or any clothes that showing my legs.”
While Nana was saying “I’m confident with my chest…” all other members butted in “Nooo waaay-!” (laugh) She then continued after everyone calmed down, “Tight outfit that makes my body line looks pretty would be nice.” Nana said while smiling sweetly.
“I’m still a student so rather than sexy I prefer simple clothes. Usually I’d choose jersey or knitwear,” said Kaeun.

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS D1c136cb888f23a0308872b3a7a14891

Tracks on this album are disco sounded ‘Heaven’ produced by Osawa Shinichi, ‘Shh’ with UK House style, ‘Triangle’ by electro specialist producer, 90s acid jazz ‘in the moonlight’, then pleasant R&B groove ‘Yes No Yes’. It’s all collection of dance music with no regard to age in a row.
There’s no problem with song lyrics’ interpretation while recording, but E-Young said “We’re struggling to pronounce ‘tsu’ in Japanese”, Raina also added, “We had to record many songs so the lyrics were all jumbled (laugh).”

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS 023a6bad4ab34f4f2b796e020f25b2c6

Which song would you recommend to be listened on a high-spirited club? Kaeun answered “I think ‘Shh’, which gives out mysterious feelings. Because it’s a new song, I want it to be played in the club.
E-Young also said, “‘Dress to kill’ because I was able to finish the recording process smoothly. Whenever I listen to this song I’d remember that and makes my mood lifted.”

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS 052184e14c0967dd94cfa8e36c271198

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS 2a00bcf8702f6df5ae343dfc9046e50c

When we asked about the music video shooting, Nana explained about her part on ‘Shh’, “It was hard to get up one by one on precise timing*. But we couldn’t match our timing only at first, right after the shooting started we were quickly able to do it.”
Jooyeon commented about magnificent pole dancing shown in ‘Heaven’, “Our legs hurted a lot, and we got so many bruises. Honestly pole dancing is so physically tiring because it needs a lot of strength.” she sounded dreadful. Even so, they didn’t look struggling at all when performing beautiful pole dance, as expected from pro!
Actually even before releasing ‘Heaven’, AS already became hot topic for being the first to introduced pole dancing with their Korean single ‘First Love’ which released on June last year. It took them six months training to perform pole dance. Lizzy, who got ligament injury and couldn’t participate in promoting the song said, “Their (other AS members) performances were so cool, really looked like professional pole dance!” she recalled.

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS B4b75248bc813a93309177ef8e287309

[INTERVIEW] 140319 AFTERSCHOOL INTERVIEW ON KANRYU TRANS 1c0b19f411f9303b10a6d42897be8179

Pole dance also can be a method of diet. Nana explained, “It uses a lot of abdominal muscles! You will lose wight because pole dancing makes your whole body work out, also you will have nice muscles.”
“Even now you’re still able do pole dance immediately?” asked us*, and Nana said, “Yes!” full with confidence. If we try pole dance maybe we could have proportional body just like AS!?

Lastly, we asked about each of everyone’s goal for this year.
Nana, “I want to appear in many CMs.”
Raina, “I want us to hold live in even bigger stage.”
Lizzy, “I want to appear in another dorama.”
E-Young, “I want to collaborate with other musicians.”
Joo, “I want to try acting in romantic movie.”
Kaeun, “I want to do many things, especially movie. Even horror would be OK!”

Talking about various things with all AS members was so exciting, just like girls gathering. Looks like we can expect each member to participated in many activities. We’re so looking forward to it!!

* I believe Nana talked about this scene
*2 I’m not sure about this part

Source: KanRyu Pia website
Translation by ASDaze

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