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Post by PlayboyzAdam Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:31 am


The second Japanese album is an ambitious work which excessively takes on dance music styles from all around the world.

AFTERSCHOOL, who has steadily set their feet by having activities in Japan regularly, will release their second album “Dress to kill”. All members also made remarkable progress in learning Japanese. Now, they don’t really need the help of a translator to answer questions in interviews.

(Jungah and U-ie were absent from this interview)

You’ve been continously releasing singles! Last autumn, it was “Heaven”, and then it was “Shh” in January. Both are produced by club music’s specialist Osawa Shinichi.
Kaeun: It feels so fresh because you wouldn’t find this type of music in Korea.
Raina: You can say because we wanted to produce music that fits Japanese taste more than our previous ones. We ended up having a different image from our K-Pop works so far.

Since the beginning of debut, AFTERSCHOOL often sang Japanese versions of songs that’s been released in Korea. Why now have you chosen to take on a more Japanese style?
Raina: Because AFTERSCHOOL is a group who loves to try various things. We want to be different from any other K-Pop groups who also debuted in Japan; we want to try challange ourselves with songs with a more Japanese style.

Your second album will be released on March 19. What kind of song would it feature?
Lizzy: This time, we focused on dance music, we want to present music with high spirits to all listeners. This will probably be the first time the album doesn’t contain any ballads.
E-Young: UK House, jazz, EDM, it’s packed with various genres.

Each of you. please tell us your favourite song from this new album and the reason why you love it.
Raina: For me, it’s “In The Moonlight”. It starts with the phrase “Dancin’ in the moonlight” in the beginning and sounds cool, I fell in love with this song instantly the first time I listened to it.
Kaeun: I like “Shh”. In the lyrics we metaphorically called our partner our butterfly, it’s beautiful way to see it.
Lizzy: The highpoint of “Shh” is ‘shi-shi-shi-…’ sung repeatedly. I want to focus on singing every single ‘shi’ part. But then I would get mixed up in my head! (laugh)
It will sounds exciting when sung live!
Jooyeon: It’s “Ms.Independent” for me. Because it’s theme song for my MARUKO lingerie CM, it definitely left a special impression on me.
Lizzy: For me it’s “Lucky Girl”. Though it’s only a bonus track (for mu-mo special edition), it’s a song that gives out an image of pastel and pink-ish flowers.
Nana: “Lucky Girl” is also my favourite! It’s a very cute song.
E-Young: I love our title song “Dress to kill”. The recording for this song ended so quickly (laugh)

On the contrary, is there any song that was particularly difficult to record?
E-Young: None! (answered immediately) All members finished their part quickly. It’s because we are…
Lizzy: Pro! (laugh)

You must be in a good mood (laugh) We’ve been talking for a while now, your Japanese skills improved a lot compared to before. I’m sure now you can understand more of the lyrics of songs you sing?
Raina: We were able to finish recording sooner. Even though we would also quickly forget the lyrics (laugh) In conversations too; in the past we would always think too much before we spoke, and we couldn’t answer the questions quickly. Now we’ve became able to talk while thinking.

Since Kaeun joined AS this is the first time for you to release an album. Kaeun has spent some time living in Japan before, right?
Kaeun: Yes. I’ve lived here for three years and went to Japanese middle high school.

Your pronunciation really sounds Japanese. Isn’t it easier to do Japanese activities after Kaeun joined?
Nana: She’s always being a great help. When we make mistakes she would be beside us to help us fix it, and if we didn’t know the vocabulary she would quickly teach us. She helped us a lot, especially when we’re shooting commentary videos in Japanese.

Talking about Japanese activities, this year Nana has became regular model for BLENDA right?
Nana: Up until now I’ve only been invited to participate on Tokyo Girls Collection or Girls Award, but it’s really amazing that I can model for a Japanese magazine. Being able to work with many famous models, it’s really an honour for me.

Are there any differences modeling in Japan rather than in Korea?
Nana: In Korea, rather than advertising the clothes, we often prefer to showcase the model’s beauty and have a strong concept. In Japan, we focused on showing off the clothes. I think it’s the biggest difference.

Also, Nana has ranked as #2 “100 Most Beautiful Face on The World”. Congratulations!
Nana: Thank you (smiles brightly) I didn’t expect people from overseas to know about me, and it’s even more suprising that I ranked #2.

By the way, do you have any complex about your face?
Nana: I have many skin problem, it’s a complex for me.

Please fix that and become #1 next year (laugh)
From now on what will be AS’ future aim?
Lizzy: So far we’ve been presenting a sexy and powerful image. Now we want to add a cooler side.
E-Young: We want to show a classy cool side.

AS has tried various concept like marching band, tap dance, and pole dance, what are you planning for the next?
Lizzy: This time it’s only dance. We often performed difficult dances in the past, now we want to present a simple cool dance.
Kaeun: Lizzy’s been sharing her idea that she’d like to dance just in sneakers. We don’t know if it would be approved or not though (laugh)
Raina: AFTERSCHOOL wore only sneakers for our Korean debut, but after that we’ve been always wearing high heels. It’s hard to dance in heels; our feet hurt (laugh)
Kaeun: We want to dance more freely and show the cool side of AFTERSCHOOL.

Recommend us something about fashion
Lizzy: Crop tops are popular in Korea now. It’s shows a bit of our stomach so I’ll wear it in combination with high-waisted skirt.
Raina: I’ve been dieting a lot (laugh) I’d like to combine skinny pants with a pastel colored top. I also love one piece dresses. I love girly fashion style.

Recommend us something about make-up
Nana: I recommend to give either red or orange or pink emphasis on lips. It will make your skin look beautiful.
E-Young: I’d focus on the cheek, choose a color that suits you best.

Recommend us some beauty tips
E-Young: Drink a lot of water, about 1-2 litres everyday (holds up an empty 1L bottle) When going to sleep I put this on my bedside and drink a lot. I also apply some moisturising cream.
Kaeun: I always carry a mist. *sorry I really don’t understand and blind about makeup so I decided not to translate this to avoid anyone trying at home and then get face problem lol*

Some ways to relieve stress
Nana: Eat delicious food.
Lizzy: Clean the room.
Raina: Listen to loud music. Like Linkin Park. Dandandandan!
Nana: Talk with other members and find a solution together.
Kaeun: Go out on a day with nice weather and exercise the body a bit.
Jooyeon: I’ll play a game (laugh) I’m addicted to a KaTalk game called
Action Puzzle.
E-Young: Look at the mirror and laugh. It’s interesting to see my own face laughing, so I’ll laugh even more (laugh)

Interview & Text : Tanaka Hiroshi

Translations by AfterSchoolDaze

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Post by TheFianalAlpaca Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:43 pm

I love the fact that their Japanese improved so much that they don't really need a translator and that they got done with recording faster.

PlayboyzAdam wrote:
Some ways to relieve stress
Nana: Eat delicious food.

I always wondered why so many people liked Nana, now I know why. Laughing 
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