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[DISUCSSION] Is Juyeon a woman or troll?

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[DISUCSSION] Is Juyeon a woman or troll? Empty [DISUCSSION] Is Juyeon a woman or troll?

Post by PlayboyzAdam Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:05 pm

Juyeon was once a well known internet ulzzang because of her looks but in this fandom she is also a well known troll. I was watching the episode of IY where Juwon unexpectedly pick Juyeon as the girl that is truly in his heart and that made me think, do you guys see Juyeon as a woman first then troll second or troll first then women second.

I'll answer by showing you this video,

lol! my favourite part is when Juwon doesn't help Hara up and just stands there when Juyeon pushes Hara down @ 0:36 but when Juyeon pretends to fall, Juwon helps Juyeon up...ahh priceless memories.

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