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[DISCUSSION] Who is After School's Nana and why the h8 for her.

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[DISCUSSION] Who is After School's Nana and why the h8 for her. - Page 2 Empty Re: [DISCUSSION] Who is After School's Nana and why the h8 for her.

Post by PlayboyzAdam Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:22 pm

I was asked through PM to elaborate on the following quote and provide links and references(LOL, I'm so happy there's a fan in this fandom who actually cares about evidence Very Happy ),

There's more to UEE's narcissism and selfishness than what I've mentioned but non of that even need mentioning because UEE has already announce to fans what she's really like but I think most if not all fans didn't pay much attention to it.

and this was my answer,

From an interview in a news article, UEE was ask about was she like her character in You're beautiful and UEE answers with she's secretly evil. In a video interview, UEE tells us that she may have some evil in her but she doesn't think she will bother people. But the truth is that her behaviour does sometimes both people. Finding those interviews isn't going to be easy and I don't have time right now so I'll do it later, Also I'll post the links/videos in the "Who is After School's Nana and why the h8 for her." thread so that in case anyone else asks the same questions, they can see the answers.

I'm having trouble finding the news article with the interview where UEE says she is secretly evil. The video where UEE says she's has some evil in her but she doesn't think she will bother people use to be on the dramafever Youtube channel but I can't find it any more but I've found a back up of it on one of my hard drives so I uploaded it to my Youtube channel.

See 2:10

I also said that I think UEE's behaviour has bothered Raina the most throughout the years and here's an example of why.

Right here is another demonstration of UEE being self-centred (pun intended...again). In the Love Love Love performances UEE is suppose to do her solo on the far left(in this case somewhere in front of Kaeun) but I remember there was a performance where she did it on the far right. Regardless of that, the front centre is Raina position. In the following animated gif, you'll see that UEE has taken up Raina's position and Raina wasn't happy about it. Raina walks up to UEE, taps her on her leg twice to try to notify her and then pushes her away from her position causing UEE to loss balance and UEE responds with a "HEY, BIT*CH!!!" expression. Kaeun witnesses all of this as it unfold and puts on a "Oh crap, this doesn't look good" expression. Raina puts up her hand to tell UEE to back off, UEE nods and backs away in compliance and Kaeun smiles awkwardly.
[DISCUSSION] Who is After School's Nana and why the h8 for her. - Page 2 1q7eZv

Normally I'll be very annoyed at UEE for trying to take Raina's position like was I when UEE took E-young's position but I'm actually happy about how this turned out. Raina stuck up for herself Very Happy ...Oh, I haven't actually justified why UEE is self centred for do that to Raina yet. UEE has everything, she makes about 10 times as much as the other girls, she is the most popular in Korea and she has the biggest fanbase in this fandom(maybe Nana's fanbase is bigger now) but she still wants to steal the spot light from Raina. By comparison to UEE, Raina has nothing. Raina has one of the smallest fanbases in the fandom, she sings the most and even though she takes centre stage the most, this fandom ignores her. Even with all her hard work, this ingrate of a fandom ignores her. Blame Pledis all you like for now guys for soon you'll see what a bunch of ingrates this fandom truly is.

To the fan that PM me, I'm not sure if you want me to call you by your name of not since you PM me so I've kept you anonymous (although some of the other fans probably already figured out who you are). UEE and the After School members, they all love each other but some times they get on each other nerves. Let After School members sort out their problems as they've done a fine job so far. Fans shouldn't get involve in After School members' problems.

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