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[DISCUSSION] Why BlackJacks Will Love Playgirlz! (SBS Roomates)

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[DISCUSSION] Why BlackJacks Will Love Playgirlz! (SBS Roomates) Empty [DISCUSSION] Why BlackJacks Will Love Playgirlz! (SBS Roomates)

Post by captainsprunchz Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:20 pm

[DISCUSSION] Why BlackJacks Will Love Playgirlz! (SBS Roomates) Bom-nana

Hey you guys! This is Sarah aka Captain Sprunchz; ASDaze Team, Special Projects!

I'm hoping to write an essay/ASDaze Reports on SBS Roomates, namely "Why Blackjacks will Love Playgirlz!".

It'd be awesome if this could be a compilation of our thoughts! Like a "welcome" or "introduction" message from us to them <3 I'm writing this in hopes it will draw-in some more fans for After School or at least let other fandoms know about them before the show starts<3

This is especially relevant to Blackjacks, since Bomie and Nana will (hopefully) be interacting a lot! Let's make Blackjacks fall in love with our Nana and After School~~<3

I actually used to be a Blackjack myself! For one reason or another I switched to being a full time Playgirlz, but I know a lot of Playgirlz are former/current Blackjacks! I never really got into the fandom life, however, so, I don't know what it's like. Do any of you?

Do you see any similarities between Blackjacks and Playgirlz? Or even Exotics and Playgirlz? or "other" and Playgirlz (lol)?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a place to say anything negative about other fandoms! We want to rake them in, not scare them away x'D

And be sure to keep everything AFTERSCHOOL related!!

ASDaze Team

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