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[INTERVIEW] 140325 Quirky, unique & fun – Orange Caramel tells us why Catallena is the real deal! - Sokoreal

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[INTERVIEW] 140325 Quirky, unique & fun – Orange Caramel tells us why Catallena is the real deal! - Sokoreal  Empty [INTERVIEW] 140325 Quirky, unique & fun – Orange Caramel tells us why Catallena is the real deal! - Sokoreal

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[INTERVIEW] 140325 Quirky, unique & fun – Orange Caramel tells us why Catallena is the real deal! - Sokoreal  OC.S03_Cover

Orange Caramel is no stranger to the KPOP music industry. Comprised of After School members, Raina, Nana andLizzy, these ladies debuted under this sub-unit in 2010 and have been capturing attention with their unique releases from‘Magic Girl’, ‘A-ing’, ‘Bangkok City’, ‘Shanghai Romance’ to ‘LIPSTICK’.

They are now back unique than ever with their latest release ‘Catallena’! SOKOREAL.COM is proud to present our exclusive interview with the girls from Pledis Entertainment to find out more on what they have to say about their comeback.


Q: You are finally back after a long hiatus. How does it feel to be back as Orange Caramel?
The unique concept and happiness that you think of when it comes to Orange Caramel – this time too, we want to share it with everybody~! We are very thankful to the all the people who have given us a lot of support and love whenever we come out with a new and experimental concept.

Q: Orange Caramel is known for your interesting and unique concepts. Where did you get your inspiration and ideas this time round?
Although we do personally contribute ideas, we are able to come up with more interesting ideas through meetings with the company’s staff. When more people brainstorm together, there will be a larger variety of stories. From there, the brilliant ideas will stand out.

Q: How different is this album from your previous releases?
We have had different concepts for every album but they haven’t necessarily been very different. This time, our new album seems to have a different feel, in a sense. Whenever we are preparing for a new album, there is a burden of having to come up with something fresh and more interesting.

When we first started having activities as Orange Caramel, there were a lot of comparisons with other unit groups, and there were many idol teams with unique and distinctive characters so it felt like there was greater pressure than before. Although we receive strength from those who always anticipate our new releases, we were the first unit group to release a full-length album, and because of that, we prepared for this album while filled with worries about how we were going to progress from there on.

[INTERVIEW] 140325 Quirky, unique & fun – Orange Caramel tells us why Catallena is the real deal! - Sokoreal  O_26650_G

Q: How was the experience like working with comedians Kim Dae-sung and Jung Tae-ho for the music video? Did any special/interesting incidents happen during the filming?
When we first met, we were worried that it would be a little awkward but because they treated us comfortably and courteously it was very fun~ During filming of the music video, because they were so~ good at visual gags, it made filming really enjoyable~

LIZZY: Before we shot the music video, we had meetings with and took many videos with Kim Dae-sung oppa and Jung Tae-ho oppa. Each time, many interesting anecdotes were exchanged, but they were all edited out and weren’t included in the broadcast~ What did we talk about? Well, just personal and ordinary stories. Even though they were meetings, they were fun because it wasn’t so serious all the time.

Q: If you can describe ‘Catallenna’ in one word, what would it be and why?
Catallena is Catallena. The entire meaning of ‘Catallena’ is contained within the word itself. It is about people who are childish and fussy but strangely, others want to become acquainted with them – isn’t it really difficult to give a short explanation of this definition? One of the goals we have for this album is to make sure everybody knows the meaning of ‘Catallena’.

Q: Any special celebration ceremony if you manage to win #1?
Before our comeback, during a ‘surprise premiere’ with our fans, we said that we would eat sushi on-stage if we win.
RAINA: I will be crying beside you while talking about my thoughts on winning #1
NANA: I will feed Lizzy sushi and wipe Raina’s tears.

Q: Any particular singers you’d like to collaborate with in the future? Why?
When it comes to Orange Caramel, a fun and distinctive concept comes to mind, so we would like to work with anyone who is able to have fun together with us. We are always open-minded about special collaborations with all kinds of people.

Q: Any plans to hold concerts as Orange Caramel or After School?
It’s a pity but at the moment, we do not have any scheduled concerts and are not in the midst of planning for any. Even so, we would like to and will definitely meet with our fans in an enjoyable concert!

Q: If you could recommend a specific Korean dish to your international fans, what would it be and why?
I would like to recommend kimbap. You could make it such that the filling in kimbap is altered to change its taste, by leaving out ingredients you dislike. While eating, you can either have it seasoned with chili or garlic or eat it on its own (without seasoning).

Q: Personally, what music genres do you like best?
We listen to music freely without much regard for genre~ We listen to different genres depending on our mood, sometimes together, but if I were to choose one genre, I like dance music best.

Q: If you could introduce just one song to your fans, what would it be and why?
One of the songs from Orange Caramel’s new album, ‘Catallena’! More so than just promoting the song, it is a great song that will lift your spirits. Even if you listen to it often, it has a charm that you won’t grow tired of!

Q: Individually, what do you think are your greatest achievements thus far?
I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a singer. In the time where I was dreaming of being one, I thought of things like ‘Will I get to sing on such a stage someday? When I am on-stage, what kinds of thoughts would I have?’ Right now I am amazed and happy to be singing on that stage right now~

[INTERVIEW] 140325 Quirky, unique & fun – Orange Caramel tells us why Catallena is the real deal! - Sokoreal  O_25796_Cs


1. Sexy or Cute? Nana & Lizzy – Sexy Raina – Cute

2. Good boy or Bad boy style? Nana & Raina – Good boy Lizzy – Bad boy

3. Spicy or Non-spicy food? ALL: Either way (spicy or non-spicy), as long as its delicious, it’s OK

4. Coffee or Tea? ALL: Coffee!

5. Long or Short Hair? Raina & Nana – Long hair Lizzy – Short

6. Skirts or Pants? ALL: Skirts

7. Rain or Sun? ALL: Sun

8. Spring or Winter? ALL: Spring

Q: Being in the music industry can be rather tiring and stressful. How do you usually get by each day and what do you do to overcome stress?
We would go to restaurants and eat delicious food while chatting to reduce stress. Sometimes we also go shopping.

Q: Promoting as only 3 can get pretty boring backstage. What do you girls normally do while waiting?
There isn’t anything special that we do only during waiting time. Usually we’d chat amongst ourselves and with the staff members, or tend to our pet dogs. We also warm our voices up and check to make sure our dance steps are correct.

Q: What are your upcoming plans for 2014? Can we expect an After School comeback soon?
In 2014, not only will Orange Caramel be promoting our album, After School will be having activities as well. 2014 seems like it will also be a very busy year. It seems like we will be able to meet with our fans often~!

NANA: To add on, we may also be visiting Japan and China often. Although right now I can’t say how long we will spend in Korea or Japan, it seems like we will have overseas schedules often so we’re going to be a bit busier.

Q: ‘To me, Orange Caramel is…?’ In no more than 3 Korean words
새로움 / 새로운 나를 보여준다.
New / I am able to show a new side of me

NANA: 즐거움 / 사람들을 즐겁게 한다.
Delight / Making everybody feel happy/delightful

LIZZY: 다양함 / 다른 이들은 해볼 수 없는 다양한 것들을 해볼 수 있다.
Variety / Trying out a variety of things that others don’t have the opportunity to do so

Q: A special shout-out to your fans:
After a year and 5 months, Orange Caramel has come back with a new song ‘Catallena’! As we have come back with a fun and exciting song, please give it a lot of love~ From now on, we will work hard to release exciting, fun and refreshing songs so please anticipate us well~

Q: A message to your fans on pursuing their dreams:
Although there may be times where you don’t feel good while working hard to realize your dream, but when your dream has finally come true, you will realize how much you were able to grow as a person in that time~! While striving hard to fulfill your dream, there may be hard times and you may experience setbacks, but move forward step by step for your dream and diligently tread towards it! We, Orange Caramel, will also be supporting you guys. Fighting!!

credit: sokoreal

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