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[INFO] 140325 MUSIC PROGRAMS GUIDE-Orange Caramel Catallena

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[INFO] 140325 MUSIC PROGRAMS GUIDE-Orange Caramel Catallena Empty [INFO] 140325 MUSIC PROGRAMS GUIDE-Orange Caramel Catallena

Post by PlayboyzAdam Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:02 pm

65% Digital music sales (Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Soribada)
20% Broadcast time (frequency of appearances, both TV and radio)
10% Viewer rating (audience vote)
5% Album sales (Hanteo, Synnara, and Hot Tracks)

50% Digital music sales
10% Album sales
10% Global fan voting (vote online with an Mnet account)
10% Social media score (Youtube official MV+Twitter)
10% Broadcast score
10% SMS voting (during the show on-air, only top 10 applies)

45% Digital music sales
15% Netizen votes
15% Music professional/expert judge rankings (MBC Music)
15% Points on MBC music broadcast
10% Album sales

60% Digital music sales (Melon, Bugs, Soribada etc.)
35% Social media score (Youtube official MV+Twitter)
5% Mobile votes (on the free SOTY app for iOS and Android)


For twitterians, the hash tags to tweet everytime during Mnet countdown and Inkigayo is  #오렌지캬라멜 and  #까탈레나

* Take note, please avoid putting the hashtags at the end or beginning of your tweet because otherwise it will turned out as spams instead.

The correct way of tweeting and gaining SNS points on twitter is inserting the hashtags in the middle of your tweet.

For example

Orange Caramel  #오렌지캬라멜  #까탈레나  jjang!


Text #2566 and write 오렌지캬라멜 in korean to vote for mcountdown [cr]

For other voting GUIDES, please read HERE

Credit: ASdaisuki

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