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[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project

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[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Empty [DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project

Post by PlayboyzAdam Thu May 02, 2019 12:22 am

Raina's 2019 Birthday Project

The 7th of May is Raina's birthday. As a present to Raina for her birthday I propose we do something special for her. What I've had in mind is to help Raina with her Youtube channel. In order to help Raina with her Youtube channel the following is a few activities/goals we can do:

1) Promote Raina's Youtube channel and try help her get at least 9000 more subscribers and if you haven't subscribed to Raina's Youtube channel yet, please subscribe. When Raina gets 9000 more subscribers she will have 100000 subscribers and Youtube will awards her a Silver Youtube Play button and that's a very important mile stone as a Youtube and a goal we can definitely help her with.
[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Large10

2) Raina has a video ( where she asks you to post comments about ideas for what she can do on her Youtube channel. Please post a comment with an idea for something Raina can do.

3) Increase the views on Raina's videos. Increasing the views on Raina's Youtube videos helps promotes her channel and videos and since her videos are monetized she gets money each time ads are played on her videos and that income helps her make more videos or buy yummy snacks to eat or her pay for her $3000 facial massage treatments. A goal that I think we can achieve is to get at least 100000 views per video before May ends which means this project extends past Raina's birthday and until the May ends. I think this is an achievable goal because Raina has 183000 instagram followers and 190000 twitter followers. It's obvious that Raina has enough followers to help her with this project...although not I'm sure how many of those followers still care about Raina or are active. Like Raina said when she was with Hyonmin on IDOL RADIO, Raina doesn't make much money from her Youtube channel because it costs a lot to run the channel. Raina needs to pay for many things to run her channel like her editors, support staff (the step-nims) and translators.

Increasing Youtube Video View guide:

1) DO NOT use ad blockers. Raina needs those Youtube ads to be played inorder to receive ad revenue AND DO NOT PRESS THE SKIP AD BUTTON. The whole ad needs to be played for the advertiser to pay Raina. If you see one of those ad banners at the bottom of the video or one of those ads next to Raina's video, click on the ad for Raina to receive money and go back to resume playing the video after clicking the ad.

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Ad_ban10

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Ad_ban11

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Do_not10

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Do_not11

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Do_not12

2) Let the video play from the start to finish to ensure it counts as a view.

3) DO NOT use the put the videos in a playlist and let it repeat automatically on loop idea because that doesn't work. Youtube's algorithms will eventually figure out those views are not legitimate and that is something I have tested and proved. To make sure your views are counted as actual view, just watch them normally and make sure to play each video once or twice a day.

For this year let's just use the same birthday hash tags that we've been using throughout these years for Raina birthday i.e. #HappyRainaDay and #Happy_Raina_Day. Incase if anyone is wondering why 2 hashtags are used for After School members' birthdays, #HappyRainaDay is what is normally used as a result from a poll done on twitter by ASDaze to determine which has tags to use for a members birthday. I propose we just skip the poll since that hash tag is what we've always used in the past. #Happy_Raina_Day is uses by Pledis to wish Raina a happy birthday because Pledis doesn't give a damn about what fans use and they love using underscores in their hash tags. Fans also use #Happy_Raina_Day so along with #HappyRainaDay to keep all Raina birthday wishes together.

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[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Empty Re: [DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project

Post by PlayboyzAdam Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:58 pm

Today is the 1st of June so Raina's birthday project is over but please feel free to continue with these activities as you wish to help Raina grow her channel. On the 3rd of May I took a screen shot of how much views Raina had on her channel,

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project -u32iaEy

and now this is how much views Raina has on her channel,
[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Views10

so that's a gain of 795176 views in about 28 days...which I think should be enough money for Raina to use to buy some yummy snacks. The good news is that within those 28 days Raina did manage to gain 11000+ more subscribers and now Raina has 102000 subscribers so congratulations to Raina and any ones else who helped promote Raina's channel.

To celebrate this momentous event, Raina made a post on Youtube community asking fans to leave questions for a Q&A video.

[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Commun11

Google translation:
[DISCUSSION]Raina's 2019 Birthday Project Trans10

If you have any questions you'll like Raina to answer, please comment them in Raina's post for her Q&A video.

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