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[VIDEO] Lizzy at Hallyu K-pop Star TV 150503 Eng sub

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[VIDEO] Lizzy at Hallyu K-pop Star TV 150503 Eng sub Empty [VIDEO] Lizzy at Hallyu K-pop Star TV 150503 Eng sub

Post by PlayboyzAdam Fri May 29, 2015 6:52 pm

Credit: RandomEEE

@10:12-@10:16 "A lot of trot singer will promote one song for a really long time. I also want to do the same.", ...Oohh so that's why Pledis let Lizzy continue to promote for song long even though the song was doing horrible on the charts....well, now that I think about it, it's actually more strange that Pledis will even let Lizzy go solo given that Lizzy vocals aren't that out standing and her popularity isn't that great but I'm still glad Lizzy got her solo. Aww how nice of Pledis.

@8:12 LOL really? But Nana picked Lizzy as second most pretty in OC giving Raina a mental break. LOL,

Awww, it's easy for them to pick who is the prettiest but it's very awkward for them to pick who ranks 2nd when they think it's themselves because that's like saying the left over person is ugly. LOL @0:40, Nana stressing before it's even her turn to pick.

I get confused because the following video made it seem like Saturday Night was Lizzy's audition song.

and since I don't remember Lizzy mentioning Saturday Night as one of the songs she sang when she was casted on the street. I thought the auditioning on the street was to join as a trainee and I thought she had a proper audition where she sang Saturday Night to join After School. But now that I look at the following video again, Saturday night could have been the song she sang during her street casting where she went off-tune and there wasn't any other audition after that.

LOL, @4:41 Lizzy has learnt her humbleness from Nana well.
@1:54 I'm starting to get the idea that Lizzy is the most appreciative towards Pledis. Just of the top of my head I can remember at least 4 times where Lizzy has thank/praised Pledis.

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