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[SUGGESTION] System to Allow International After School Fans to Contribute to Digital Sales

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[SUGGESTION] System to Allow International After School Fans to Contribute to Digital Sales Empty [SUGGESTION] System to Allow International After School Fans to Contribute to Digital Sales

Post by PlayboyzAdam Wed Oct 15, 2014 12:41 am

System to Allow International After School Fans to Contribute to Digital Sales

Digital sales contribute from 50% to 70% percent of the overall music show rankings(depending on the show), the Playgirlz Voter(if enough fans supported it) can only contribute 10% to 35% of the music show rankings(depending on the music show) which is very little compared to digital sales so it's very important that us international fans participate in digital sales to help After School win.

For those who have an iPhone(lucky you T_T), see missemilieee94's tutorial for how to download the Melon app and buy a streaming pass,

This proposal is really to help other fans(that don't have an iPhone but have an Android OS phone), contribute to digital sales by streaming singles from the Melon app.

My proposal for this system requires at least one of the ASDaze admins to have access to an iPhone. Any fans that want the Melon app needs to provided the necessary details(including a Melon account) and payment to ASDaze and then ASDaze will buy the streaming pass for your Melon account. Once your Melon accounts has the streaming pass you should(from my understanding of missemilieee94's tutorial) be able to use that account on the Android version of the Melon app.

The information ASDaze needs to help purchase the Melon app includes:
- Your Melon account login details.
- Payment details which includes method of payment. ASDaze can setup payment through PayPal and ASDaze use their credit card with the PayPal money you sent to them to do the purchasing, you'll also need to send them the receipt to show that you've made the Payment through PayPal. Or you can use App Store gift cards, I think iTune cards also work, I'll test that if ASDaze agrees to this proposal and you'll needs to provide ASDaze with your Apple ID as well as the password for it and the card's code.

If ASDaze has successfully performed the purchase, ASDaze will let you know and send you screen shots of proof of purchase. After ASDaze has performed the purchase I highly recommend you change any password you have provided to ASDaze. This is not because ASDaze can't be trusted, it is just good data security practice. If you email the password to ASDaze then it is also possible that the email service's admins can access your emails and find the password.

@ASDaze, I really hope you'll agree to this proposal quickly because I want to do all I can to help prevent Raina's debut from being a major flop, hopefully we get enough participants to help her win some awards.

EDIT: @ASDaze, we need to make sure that only After School fans are using this system. One way of doing this is only allowing Playgirlz Voter users to use this system.

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