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[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I

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[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Empty [Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I

Post by infinity328 Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:35 am

I went to AFTERSCHOOL 2014 School Festival at Shinagawa Stellar Ball!
Due to vague recollection there might be some mistakes, but I’ll try to follow my memory.
It’s been a while since last time I went to Stellar Ball for AFTERSCHOOL Glamorous Night back in March 2012. What a nostalgic ♪
I came a little early because I wanted to buy goods. The weather was hot (-_-Wink
The goods sales started at 10:30. When I went to sales counter I saw this on the entrance of venue,

[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Tumblr_inline_n79gf2EZqz1rjzcbj
(sorry it’s blurry)

You will get member’s photo for goods purchase more than 4,000 yen, so I bought pen light and six badges, everything was 4,000 yen in total, and surprisingly I got Nana’s photo! It was really a miracle, felt like I had used up all my luck *lol*
[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Tumblr_inline_n79ghh8Dt01rjzcbj

I didn’t get Nana’s badge, but because the other member’s badges are also beautiful I could quickly find people who were willing to exchange ♪
I’m satisfied
[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Tumblr_inline_n79gijc1Sk1rjzcbj

Once inside the venue, sounds from P.A system was heard and it was Kaeun’s voice!
Looks like Kaeun was set to be in the broadcast club.
As expected from the school concept.
It made my anticipation about them wearing uniforms getting higher.

I got seat five rows from the front, right in the middle of the room. It was very good spot!
Stellar Ball isn’t wide, but the stage is rather low so it might be a bit hard to see from rear position.

AFTERSCHOOL Academy logo was projected to the stage curtain.
As I waited with pounding heard, the lighting went out and Jungah unnie appeared!!

Jungah unnie was a teacher.
She wore skirt, white shirt, and a glasses. It was so teacher-styled. She looked great.
The familiar figure, Hyungi, also appeared with her ♪

Jungah unnie then started the play.
When she said ‘Soon the students will come!’, the curtain went up.
On the stage there were eight school desks.
The first student appeared!

First was Raina!!
She wore uniform ~(*´∀`)Soo lovely.
When entering the stage she acted polite (gave a bit of child-like vibe).
She was very cute going round and round the stage.
Class representative? Student council president? I forgot which one (maybe it was class representative).
Raina perfectly fits the image of honors student♪

She then introduced herself. Because she’s good in singing, Raina showed off her singing skill.
The song she sang was Catallena!!
Raina sang the one phrase ‘AH~’ on the intro that usually done by 3 people alone ♪ It’s rare
"Because the part supposed to be sung by 3 people, it was a bit hard" She said.

While Raina sat on her desk, music played and Nana appeared gracefully.
She did catwalk on the stage, from right to left with proud look.
Her lipstick color was dark and gave a bit image of deliquent student ♪♪
I couldn’t stop myself from grinning on the moment I saw her (*´σー`)

Maybe because she is ‘Nana The World’s #2 Most Beautiful Person’ so she was the second student to appear *lol*
She sat facing the audience and looked chilled because of the skirt, but then she got blanket so I was relieved.

Next was Uie!!
I was worried because she went to Dubai for Law of The Jungle, but she came safely~
Wonder if she came to Japan straightly from the jungle??
After all she got tanned just as expected *lol*
Uie’s uniform was sporty-styled, with jersey under her skirt.
She didn’t wear ribbon, the shirt was messy and top button was unfastened.
It fitted Uie’s image.

Because Uie was in drama club, she was asked to perform a play.
She did Romeo and Juliet with Hyungi, moreover, it was in Japanese.
Uie was so cute, trying to recite quite long lines in Japanese with all of effort.

During Uie’s performance, I noticed Nana was watching her from behind with a very serious face *lol*
Then after Uie sat down, E-Young-chan came on stage.
And she was playing bass!!
It was super cool!!
Guitar is great but bass is also awesome!!

Next was Kaeun-chan!!
She came with plastic bag from convenience store.
Because Kaeun is maknae she played the role as pashiri*
Looked like she bought breads for her seniors.

"I bought anpan* for Uie-san because her face looks like anpan" she said *lol*
"I couldn’t find takoyaki for Raina-san, so it’s yakisoba-pan"
"Shoku-pan for Nana-san" < Don’t know why
Maybe because she looked like shoku-pan *lol*
For E-Young “Nikuman, because it’s white.”
For herself “I ran out of money so I couldn’t buy bread for myself” (:_Wink

Soon after received their breads, the seniors quickly opened and eat them.
The shoku-pan too *lol*
"You can’t eat before lunch time!" Hyungi-san told them.

The bell that announcing class will be started rang.
When I thought ‘But only 5 students had come..’,
Lizzy came running from audience seats.
This is also fit Lizzy’s energetic image.
(Although I thought she would be honors student who never coming late)

On the same time as everyone focused on Lizzy,
Jooyeon also gently entering the stage, walking while looking at herself on the mirror then slowly took a seat.
Really someone who would do things at her own pace ♪
It’s so Jooyeon

The way every member appearing on the stage were really good, showing their respective personality!!
I have no objection ♪

[The First Lesson] Beginning
'Answer Questions With Head Facing Down The Desk' Time
Jungah also specially participated in this game even though she was teacher.

Seating order from left, facing front
Jungah unnie - Nana - Raina - Lizzy - E-Young-chan - Uie - Kaeun-chan - Jooyeon
(I’m not sure if about Lizzy and E-Young)

The game rule is, you have to lay down your face towards the desk, and raise your hand if the statement being given fits you.
Everyone did facing the desk, only Nana laid her head facing sideways *lol*
"It will ruin my makeup!" She said *lol*
Hearing that, Raina also lifted up her head but she closed her eyes.
Raina’s fans must be happy because they got to see full view of her face.

There were 3 questions but I forgot which was the first and which was the second.

Nana and E-Young confessed on the question ‘The Most Unorganized Member’
Agreed Nana seemed unorganized, or rather, like someone who often get their things lost *lol*
The person herself didn’t deny.
"I always forgot my phone." She said.
Before I thought I lost my phone, but it was actually forgotten inside the fridge < No waayyy *lol*

The impressive question,
'You don't understand why Nana chosen as World's #2 Most Beautiful Person'
Almost everyone raised their hand.
Even Jungah unnie raised her hand. The reason was,
"She should be #1 instead of #2." Indeed!!
Kaeun-chan also agreed on it.

Uie raised her hand too, but her reason was,
"Jooyeon is prettier than Nana."
Jooyeon was overjoyed when hearing that.
Both of them stood up and hugged each other *lol*
Then Jooyeon replied with,
"Uie is more pretty ♪"
Once again they hugged.
They were too cute flirting with each other.

The first lesson ended.
For the next course, everyone should put away their own desk.
It’s cute to see them carrying the desks.
Only Raina properly placed the chair upside down on the desk < really like someone who used to always tidying up
Jungah unnie looked struggling a lot and staggered.

[The Second Lesson]
First was taking photos with all audience from the stage.
Then members took selca.
It was very warm scene.
Uie took photos with phone she brought,
but somehow at first try she pressed wrong and it became movie mode *lol*
They squealed cutely.

We also got chance to take photos with our phone in this section.
I did, but either because my phone camera wasn’t good or the lighting, it wasn’t taken clearly, all member’s faces became white.
The best one is this. It’s still good I was able to caught such a warm moment where Kaeun hugging Lizzy.

[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Tumblr_inline_n79h0oj1yA1rjzcbj

[Third Lesson] Confession Time
Each member had to do love confession to Jungah unnie, who played the role as a senior they love.
Jungah unnie acted as male student and wore gakuran.
It was nice and suited her too.

・Kaeun tried to appeal with her aegyo
"You can’t date another girl~!!" she said.
・E-Young also did appealing with her cuteness, but it was failed. She then changed strategy and try to bail Jungah with food.
"Let’s eat samgyupsal."
・Lizzy appeared cheerfully holding a pet bottle containing water. She assumed it as sake.
Everyone thought ‘Eh? How could a student drink sake?’
Realizing that, Lizzy then said “I am actually a man.”
'Eh? Man?' Again it made the whole venue went '???'
Apparently Lizzy mistook ‘otona’ (adult) with ‘otoko’ (man), she quickly corrected it.
It was very interesting.
・Raina’s way was very provocative.
While walking she loosened her ribbon and unfastened her shirt’s button, also lowered her socks, to seduce the senior!
This was unexpected and we were shocked.
・Nana were the one we thought would go with seduction
But she was more intimidating, approached Jungah while hitting her head many times and saying “I will die if you don’t go out with me!”
It was also shocking and scary *lol*
・Uie said “I’m going to show my wink.”
She asked to change the BGM into a song with good tempo then started her wink attack from various different angles.
Hyungi-san told her “If you have eye problem please go to the hospital.”
・Jooyeon approached while flickering 1,000 yen bills.
Her plan was tempting with money.
"I’ll get you anything you want." she said.
Jungah unnie swiftly hugged her the moment she saw the money.

At last, Jungah unnie had to choose who was the best. There was prize for the one that chosen. All members focused on the monitor, then it displayed the prize ‘Kiss on cheek from Jungah’. After they read it all members instantly refused,
"We don’t need."
"No, thanks."

Jungah stood behind all members and was going to choose one person.
"I’m embarassed." She said while blushing profusely.
The winner was Kaeun. Jungah softly kissed her cheek.
She chose Kaeun because her phrase ‘dame yo~’ was cute, and because she is the youngest.
After all being young is important *lol*

There was also Jungah’s special confession time. Kaeun changed into gakuran and took the role of male student.
I completely forgot this scene, the only I can remember is Catallena was played and two of them began to dance.

The next lesson was ‘live performance’.
Members went to changing costume, and in the mean time special video was played. It was behind the scene from jacket shooting of ‘First Love’ and Hongkong fanmeeting.
Even though I wondered why they show ‘First Love’ in this timing, it was very good!!!!!!
On the jacket shooting everyone look so slender while doing pole dancing!! Especially Lizzy!

Backstage shooting of Hongkong fanmeeting was also good to watch (even though Nana didn’t go with the others due to injury so there was only seven of them)
Whoever seeing them would absolutely think AFTERSCHOOl is a group with solid relationship between members.
Although Uie often being unable to participate in the group’s activities but she still have strong presence. She constantly smiling and looked really enjoying herself.
She also happily pranked other members and made them ate very sour candies.
The first one was Jungah unnie. “Unnie, try eat this.” She feed her.

Lizzy’s reactions when the candy got inside her mouth was panicly shouted ‘aaa~’ then quickly spitted it out.
"My body’s trembling" She said. It was interesting.

Kaeun ate the same candy but her facial expressrion didn’t change at all, Uie was shocked to saw her ate deliciously.
"Someone like her really does exist??" I thought surprisedly.
"I’ve thought it would be prank." Kaeun said, as if she already sensed it wasn’t usual candy.
This is also one of Kaeun’s good trait.

She opened the candy bag while grinning and thinking “Who else will I give this candy for?”, but accidentally the candies fell to the floor. Uie pouted cutely at this.
"There’s still one left!" Her sad face turned into smile once again.
The next target was E-Young chan.
As she ate the candy she shoute “Waaa~” and her expression became ‘※◎☆*’ it can’t be explained with words.
Uie was laughing “Yay I got you!” and E-Young suddenly coughed a lot.
"I swallowed the candy." She said. It made Uie panic, she was so worried.
Actually it was E-Young’s acting, the candy was still in her mouth *lol*
Really good and warm relationship.

Kaeun was with Raina and she said, “We look like otters.”
Raina denied, then Kaeun added, “I am an otters, Raina is beaver.”
Kaeun really has a good taste in choosing animal characters.

After the heart-warming VTR ended, finally the long awaited live performance!

As ‘Dress Code’ began to playing, all members appeared. Their outfit was black! It was cool and sexy!
I really like this outfit! The tight pants was so cool♪

[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Tumblr_inline_n79gp14T5T1rjzcbj

First song was Ms. Independent
I occasionally felt thrilled while the intro started. The dance was also cool!!
Watching the live performance made me really realize how good is this song.
It’s really a waste that perfect song like Ms. Independent only became album track.
I believe there’s many people listening to this song through CM, it gave a great impact, so I wish Ms. Independent would recorded as single~
I wanna see more from this song!!!

Flashback Jpn Version
This song felt a bit awkward because the Korean version have very strong image, but still the dance is cool no matter how many times we’d seen it.
It’s been a while didn’t see panorama dance, it was great.


Looked like it was very hot on the stage.
Even us on the audience spot thought “Is the air conditioning working?” So it should been really really hot on stage.

This is the first time they performed Shh with all 8 members!!
I wondered when will we able to watch this performance with all members, finally it really happened ♪
There was also the scene where Uie danced in the middle and the others circled around her.
I guess because Uie went to Dubai for two weeks they should have no time to practice the dance together, but it was amazing they really didn’t shown that kind of not-solid feels at all. This is AFTERSCHOOL!

As expected Heaven is amazing. Especially the dance.


rock it!
This is also the first time for rock it! to be performed. When I heard this song for the first time I thought this would definitely be cool when performed live! The dance also would be wonderful.
It’s still a mystery why in the climax of the song their hands shaped into ‘c’ but still the moves looked teriffic.

rock it! was the last song, all members went out from stage, but we still had an encore.


Diva Jpn Version
Diva absolutely risen up the tension. Everyone looked happy performing the song while smiling wide. It was nice to see their liveliness.
In the middle of the performance, Uie, Kaeun, and Nana did janken*, they were so cute.

There was no ballad this time.
Maybe because it was they focused on songs from Dress to kill era.
I wondered if they would perform Slow Love, but it turned out they didn’t.
Also if we could hear First Love, but it still didn’t get to be performed in Japan yet.

Until someday they sing it live in Japan I will impatiently looking forward to it.

While Jungah unnie said “Actually, about the tour….” everyone waited with expectation.
But she continued “….isn’t decided yet.”(-_-Wink
She then said again, “We will work hard so we can have concert this year.”
So we will anticipate it.

After all this and that announced, the class ended.
Really sorry for being unable to remember clearly.

*pashiri = junior student who run errands instructed by their senior
*anpan = Japanese bread, usually filled with red bean paste
*yakisoba-pan = bread filled with fried noodles, looks like hotdog
*shoku-pan = slice bread loaf
*janken = rock-paper-scissors

translation by me
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[Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I Empty Re: [Translation] Fanaccount from Japanese Playgirlz Fanmeeting (2014.05.31) Part I

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