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[VIDEO] Chatter Box - Orange Caramel

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[VIDEO] Chatter Box - Orange Caramel Empty [VIDEO] Chatter Box - Orange Caramel

Post by PlayboyzAdam Tue May 20, 2014 6:03 pm

@0:31 Question: Meaning of name? Raina: A peaceful voice. Doesn't this conflict with what she says in her the STAR interview @0:57 in which she answerers "Raina means to give strength."

When Raina was asked "After School vs Orange Caramel" @0:42 she answers "More parts". Is the translate right because "More parts" doesn't really make any sense to me?

@1:47 Nana chooses Orange Caramel when asked After School vs Orange Caramel. Doesn't this conflict with her answered on Beatles Code 3D. Did she decide to throw away the other After School members for this interview or maybe she just forgot about the other After School members temporarily when she answered. Which ever is the case still love her<3

@2:39 Lizzy gets asked what variety show she has appeared on and Lizzy answers "Real Man", was it suppose to be "Running Man" but Lizzy misspoke, the translations are wrong or is there a variety show Lizzy was on called "Real Man"?

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