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[Giveaway] Catallena Album Giveaway!

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[Giveaway] Catallena Album Giveaway! Empty [Giveaway] Catallena Album Giveaway!

Post by captainsprunchz Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:51 am

[Giveaway] Catallena Album Giveaway! Cata

Closes April 30th, Winners Announced May 7th (Raina's Birthday!)

We have not one but FOUR Giveaways happening this month! Check them out below!
HUGE thanks to our reader, commentor, and forum user kpopgeneration aka @WillTop8 (Will Martinez!)  for sponsoring our  Giveaways this month!
Need some help? Short for ideas? Send us email at! We'd be happy to help <3

1) Catallena Re-Reaction Video Contest! 

Win a SIGNED Catallena Album.  We know you've seen Catallena... but we want to see you watch it again! Dance along, scream like a Nana, wear some costumes...ANYTHING.
The more ridiculous the better!
Fill out THIS FORM so we know who you are. 

  1. Upload Re-Reaction Video to Youtube with #까탈레나 in the title and #ASDazeReReactionContest in the Description
  2. Post Video in Forum HERE
  3. Share your video on Twitter and/or Facebook with the Hashtags #ASDazeReReactionContest AND #까탈레나

ASDaze will select first round winners. ASDaze Readers will vote on final winner <33

2) Share With Us Giveaway!


Make FanArt/Graphic or another Fan Creation, Write a Report, and /or Write an Opinion Piece! Remember these can be simple!  We just want to hear from you! UNLIMITED ENTRIES!

Just fill out THIS FORM for each entry.

  1. Share your Reports in the the Discussion Section in the Forum with [Report] in the title,
  2. Share you Opinion Piece in the Discussion Section with [Opinion],
  3. And post your Fan Creations in the Fan Works Threadwith the appropriate tag !
  4. Each entry receives +1 tickets! If your piece is picked to be featured on the site, you'll receive +2!

    • If you'd like to submit a past forum post, send us an email with a link at You will receive +2 tickets if it is picked to be featured on the site*! *Cannot have already been featured on the site. 

  • ALSO! Any new Re-Reaction Video Entries will  be counted in both the Re-Reaction Video Contest AND the Share With Us Giveaway! Double the chance for winning a SIGNED Album!

  •  All entries must be submitted by person who created it.

    Depending on the amount of entries we may not post your entry right away. But you will still receive your tickets!

     3) Raffle Giveaway! Win a Catallena Album!

    This will be raffle style! Each thing you do will give you an extra chance of winning! Don't forget to fill out the form below so we know who you are!
    Fill out THIS FORM so we know who you are.

    1. Share, retweet and/or reblog this post with the hashtag #ASDazeGiveaway AND #까탈레나!  You must follow our Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook to qualify.
    2. Post 30 posts or more in the ASDaze forums. This includes your introduction posts/game posts, so feel free to go wild! :)However, spam or double posting will be disqualified.
    3. In addition, ASDaze donors get double the chances of winning! For a minimum donation of $15, you also get a personalized admission card created with your particulars on it, and mailed directly to your doorstep <3 Want to be a donor? Find out more here! 

    4) Tumblr Only Giveaway!

    [Giveaway] Catallena Album Giveaway! Ibawz05sAratpT
    See our Tumblr post HERE.

    And as always, don't forget to visit our Catallena Comeback Tutorial!
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