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[PROJECT] Playgirlz/Playboyz Unite

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[PROJECT] Playgirlz/Playboyz Unite Empty [PROJECT] Playgirlz/Playboyz Unite

Post by PlayboyzAdam Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:24 am

Playgirlz/Playboyz Unite

After School has long endure loses... and what's more embarrassing, a lot of After School's competitors(that have over taken After School) are actually junior groups to After School.
Unable to comprehend reasons for these loses, this fandom blames Pledis for their poor scheduling of AS comebacks and their inability to effectively promote After School, as a result the predominant belief is that sitting back, refusing to vote, bitching about how sh*tty Pledis is (to summarise, do crap all) while spazzing over After School(i.e taking After School for granted) is the best course of action to help After School.

Wake up Playgirlz/Playboyz, you want After School to win awards, you want them to gain recognition, you want them to be more popular, you want them to be more successful but the best course of action you can come up with is to sit back, do crap all and wish that Pledis magically pick a comeback date so that After School faces of against easier competitors. Since that course of action has failed miserably for these last few years, how about we try a different approach, let's say...this project.  

This project I'm proposing calls for all fans and fan bases within this fandom to put aside our differences and come together to help After School. We already have the tool and knowledge to help After School win. What we don't have is enough fan that are willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

This project uses the Playgirlz Voter system as a means to unite this fandom. For those that consider using the Playgirlz Voter to automatically vote as cheating, no problems, if enough fans request for it (let's say 100) I'll introduce a feature in the Playgirlz Voter so that you can vote manually using the Playgirlz Voter's accounts. To be eligible for making such a request you need to participate in this project. One day if we get enough fans that are willing to manually vote, I'll turn off the auto vote feature. Right now the auto vote feature is needed because a lot of fans don't have the time to learn how to vote or actually have time to do the voting so the auto vote feature is staying for now.
The reason I'm using the Playgirlz Voter as a means to unite this fandom is because it can perform a lot of the other activities(i.e. apart from automatically voting) associated with helping promote After School(e.g. trending on Twitter) and helping After School win awards(e.g. collect and share accounts used for voting). Also, the Playgirlz Voter collects stats needed to determine how we are progressing in our efforts to help After School such as how much fans are actually willing to help After School win.

Project Goals

To ensure After School's victory for their next comeback, this project requires the following goals to be achieved.

Goal 1) Get enough MBC+ accounts for the Playgirlz Voter to ensure that After School places first in the Show Champion online poll. Doing so will ensure After School get the full 15% of the points that goes towards Show Champion ranking to help After School win the Show Champion awards. Currently we've got 1820 MBC+ accounts in the Playgirlz Voter system. I've calculated that we needed about 7176 accounts to match Super Junior's #1 ranking when Orange Caramel had their My Copycat promotion. If we can get 54 fans to run the Playgirlz Voter every day(to get 4 MBC+ accounts per day) from now until Christmas we can match the amount of accounts Super Junior used to get #1, this will make a pretty good Christmas present for After School don't you think? But to ensure After School places first in Show Champion poll, Playgirlz Voter users should run the Playgirlz Voter every day(takes less than 15 minutes) to get 4 MBC+ accounts a day(or do it as much as possible if doing it every day is too much or takes away the fun)

Goal 2) Gather enough fans to participate in activities to help promote After School and help After School win those music show awards. From my analysis of the 2014 MAMA awards, in order to compete against the more popular bands, we need an average of 11374 fans using the Playgirlz Voter every day during After School's promotional period to ensure After School wins. Do we have 11374 fans within this fandom?... I'm pretty sure we do considering the surveys I've seen and the amount of unique visitors ASDaze gets per day that Sarah has told us about. To achieve this goal, we need to get 11374 fans to become Playgirlz Voter users before After School's next comeback, to ensure we have  enough fans to help After School out for their next comeback.

Goal 3) Help After School dominate in digital sales. Here's how it can be done

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