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[Discussion] Dress To Shine: Pick Your Concert Set List

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[Discussion] Dress To Shine: Pick Your Concert Set List Empty [Discussion] Dress To Shine: Pick Your Concert Set List

Post by SwePlaygirl Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:50 am

Dress To Shine is getting closer and this means live songs with good quality! Now let’s pretend that we will decide the set list. I actually don’t know that much about how long the concerts usually are so I am basing this of the 2012 Playgirlz Tour where they had 21 songs and the Encore had 26. Now pick the songs you want to hear in the order of the concert. (My thoughts are in italics by the way)

1. Gimmie Love (Opening) In my head they would be wearing ‘Shh’ Suits
2. Spotlight
3. Rip Off
4. Shh
5. Flashback (JPN) I would love to see Flashback in suits, that is what I call classy sexy
6. Miss Independent
7. Yes No Yes Costume switch before the song to ‘Heaven’ costumes
8. Heaven
9. Crazy Driver Please go easy on the auto tune
10. The new song
11. Triangle
12. Broken Heart Costume change before the song begins, time to roll out the couch! I need this song in my life for reasons of E-young/Jungah… JungYoung? I think they should be wearing something dark/leather ish, a bit similar to the First Love at the end of 2013.
13. ASRockerLady moment with E-young to prepare for next song.
14. Rock it! See what I did there? Use the members from Miss Futuristic + Kaeun in this song and we are good to go.
15. Dilly Dally
16. Ready To Love Costume change after this song to Dress To Kill album clothes.
17. Shampoo (JPN)
18. Diva (JPN)
19. Rambling Girls
20. Because Of You (JPN)
21. Unit reveal or whatever it was they planned, that might tie into the new song thing.
22. Snow Flower
23. Let’s Do It Switch to uniform and grab the drums
24. Bang (JPN)
25. In The Moonlight
26. Slow Love Bye Bye Japan, end of tour

So, what did you think? Very Happy I would love it to be a mix of these songs, no Korean ones and we will get new versions with Kaeun. So what do you think, agree/disagree? What would you have picked?

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