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ASDaze Reports: Kahi's On Stage Reunion with Afterschool

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ASDaze Reports: Kahi's On Stage Reunion with Afterschool Empty ASDaze Reports: Kahi's On Stage Reunion with Afterschool

Post by captainsprunchz Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:24 am

This is an incomplete report from March 8th 2014. This report was fully lost when ASDaze was deleted, however~ I just happened to find it today in a web cache. I'll just post it here for reference, since to me this was an important event to remember <33

*all of the images were lost unfortunately*

Kahi was their core. She was the one who created the group and built the group to where they are now. She taught and trained each one side by side to help improve their singing and dancing skills. She coordinate[d] almost everything for AS. She was like their mother and they all love her soooo soo much. …you can tell that the AS members do not want to disappoint her and they are doing theyre best to make her proud.- LillyLooksForLess (Youtube)
With U-ie’s unfortunate absence, Afterschool reunited with Kahi onstage for the first time since her graduation in Japan.  Afterschool was especially fierce in this performance of BANG!  Rather than overt sexiness, the group exuded a cool, effortless confidence.  More than once the members only had to give a quick glance to the camera to adequately deliver their lines, even whilst walking away (or strutting *cough* Im Nana *cough*)!   It showed something more than confidence. It proved Afterschool doesn’t have to try, they have nothing to prove.  They’re amazing and they know it.

To add to this cool charm, was the awe that came with seeing all these generations perform together.  There was a sincere sense gravitas in that moment! Afterschool showed it’s more than just a group, it’s a continuous evolution! It’s something to remember and look forward too, always.  Like a gift, they showed this to us first hand.
I hope this performance starts a debate about the “new” roles being fulfilled by each member, and any changes in line-up.  For instance Kaeun effortlessly filled in for U-ie’s “No, No, No” and even added a  breath of sass! This was adorable coming from our cute and remarkable maknae!
So, What Does It Mean?
I hope they will be able to stand on stage together once again in the future.-PledisWorld (Youtube)
Emotional honesty + outpouring like this is just one of the many reasons AS continues to be my favorite singing/dance group. Stay real, talented, and as creative as you always have been.  -Decide2Think(Youtube)
Kahi, Who are you?
Born in the small village in Gangwon on December 25, 1980, Kahi was raised by her grandparents. She became passionate about dancing at age 16, inspired by the hip hop group Roo’ra. Due to family opposition, however,  and practical conditions, she could not receive professional training. She didn’t let this get her down.  During high school she trained herself in singing and dancing. Even still, her father pushed her to a university in a rural area. At first she followed his wishes,  but eventually she left her hometown to pursue her dream her dream in Seoul, pennyless and alone.  She did not speak with her father for the next seven years. One day a friend took her to an interview to be a backup dancer, she passed. And so she  started her dancing career at age 18.
Want to know what a physical manifestation of pure charisma looks like? – PlayboyzAdam (Forum)

Kahi is an inspiration. I can only dream of performing and being a strong leader (in anything) like her. -HelloImPatch (Forum)
Kahi really knew how to lead After School. Without her we would[n't] probably have the After School we have today.-TheFinalAlpaca (Forum)

Kahi has so many appealing qualities that makes fans love her so much.  For me it was her charisma that she brought to After School which first brought my attention to the group. Of course Kahi is well known for other things like her dancing and rapping prowess, her ageless looks,  her physique and her abs but the qualities that she possess which kept her as my ultimate bias includes her beliefs, convictions and her determination. These latter qualities can be exemplified in the many things she’s said, the story of how she became an entertainer and the many other things she has done. Kahi is someone who puts a smile on my face after a hard day of work and Kahi is someone I can look up towards to inspire strength in me when I lose sight of what it means to be strong.- PlayboyzAdam (Forum)

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ASDaze Reports: Kahi's On Stage Reunion with Afterschool Empty Re: ASDaze Reports: Kahi's On Stage Reunion with Afterschool

Post by PlayboyzAdam Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:18 pm

captainsprunchz wrote:since to me this was an important even to remember
It was an important event for me too, thanks for writing it <3

I hope this year we'll get a Happy Pledis album with Kahi and Bekah in it. With Bekah's relatively recent visit to Korea
it just might happen.

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