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[INTERVIEW] 140324 Orange Caramel for SBS love Game

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[INTERVIEW] 140324 Orange Caramel for SBS love Game Empty [INTERVIEW] 140324 Orange Caramel for SBS love Game

Post by PlayboyzAdam Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:48 pm

[INTERVIEW] 140324 Orange Caramel for SBS love Game 1896720_708606429189450_648819830_n

OC members were supposed to wear bibimbap bowl as hair accessories, but it was too heavy and it could fall off so they decide to not use it.

Nana : I often heard that I look like BTOB’s Sungjae. At first, I didn’t know at all. But I often see a comments on article and video that I look like Sungjae a lot. So, Sungjae has a nickname ‘Yook Nana’
***Sungjae sent a message to the radio***
Sungjae : I was listening to the radio in the car, and here I send a message! Catallena hwaiting!
Nana : Sungjae-ya~ Sungjae jjang!

Listener : I saw Nana eating chitterlings. She really eats well.
Nana : I often come to this chitterlings restaurant..
DJ : The one that Dambi and Kahi often visit?
Nana : Not there, there’s another one
DJ : Why does girlgroup member always go out and eat chitterlings at night?
Nana : I really like it~

Listener : I saw Nana wearing hat and tee taking a stroll with her puppy.
DJ : Is it the puppy you bring to salon? When I come to the salon, and see if the puppy is around, then I could tell Nana is in the salon as well. It’s the same case with Lizzy.

Listener : If you have a free time, what place do you want to visit?
Lizzy : We want to go together, and visit Yeoju again, secretly. We have visited Yeoju before, and get a coupon so we get cheap things..
DJ : Then, who drive the car that time?
Lizzy : Me
DJ : Why there, out of a lot of place?
Lizzy : The room for rent there is cheap

Listener : Who came up with the name ‘Orange Caramel’?
Lizzy : Han Sung Soo CEO, at first I thought he was joking
Raina : He was like “Isn’t it a nice name? It’s suits you a lot!” And we were like.. “Ah, yes..”

[trans by PGZWorld]

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