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[News] 140206 Nana in modelpress - Trans

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[News] 140206 Nana in modelpress - Trans Empty [News] 140206 Nana in modelpress - Trans

Post by PlayboyzAdam Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:59 pm

New exclusive model for BLENDA that just joined last month, Nana from popular girlgroup AFTERSCHOOL, has received great respond.
Nana debuted as member of AFTERSCHOOL in 2009, then last year started having regular solo activies as model in Japan. Recently she ranked second as TC Candler’s list ’100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013′. It’s extremely exceptional to be selected as second best on first time appearance of TC Candler that is always great topic every year, beautiful Nana suddenly became center of attention.

BLENDA’s Editor-in-Chief “The Reaction We Anticipated”

BLENDA was published for the first time on 2003, as ‘girl’s entertainment magazine’ their target is women in their 20s, introducing simple yet glamorous fashion and latest lifestyle of overseas’ celebrities and women with cool style.
The editor-in-chief of BLENDA, Mizutani said, “I often read the reactions from people in Twitter, ‘If Nana become BLENDA model I will buy it every month’, ‘I’m happy if I can see Nana’, and other various tweets. There’s also postcards from reader saying ‘Thanks for choosing Nana as model’. We’ve been anticipating those responses.” He also said that the existing subscribers of BLENDA gave positive feedback too.

Expecting to Expand The Target Readers

At this present time, BLENDA has exclusive models that called ‘buremo’, Yoshida Natsumi, Hasegawa Yui, Koizumi Azusa, Asano, Sunwei, etc. Aside from certain reason that she is member of AFTERSCHOOL who has collaborated with Amuro Namie and got more than 500,000 like on Facebook, another factor that made them decided adding Nana to the line is they appreciated her solo activities as model.
“How it started with became regular of TV Tokyo’s ‘TOKYO BRAND NEW GIRLS’, then participated in ‘Tokyo Girls Collection’, ‘Girls Award’, and more Japan leading fashion show, also she has sense for popular style and looks. She’s potential and I can feel her charm, so I offered her to be our exclusive model.” said Mizutani. “First is to get acceptance from existing BLENDA subscribers, then to attract new readers that never read the magazine before, with Nana’s charm I hope we can expand our target readers,” he added with high expectation.

Nana: “I Want to Send Out Appealing Charm”

Nana who just started as BLENDA regular model in March edition gladly commented, “More than I imagined, the photoshoot session finished quickly, I was surprised! I’m excited to be able to work together with models I always saw in magazines.” She’s also reuniting with another ‘buremo’ that participated together in TOKYO BRAND NEW GIRLS, Yoshida Natsumi and Koizumi Azusa, “It’s been a while, I was so happy when we able to reunited in BLENDA photoshoot, they gave me reassuring vibe and I could be a bit more relaxed.”
She also enthusiastically said, “From now on I will work harder, I want to have more photoshoots and tie-up with various brands. I want to deliver fresh charm of Nana to everyone and do my best to become a model that is loved by Japanese people. Please support me~”

source: mdpr

Translation by ASDaze

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