[Discussion] How to vote for Pledis Girls on Produce 101

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[Discussion] How to vote for Pledis Girls on Produce 101

Post by PlayboyzAdam on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:24 pm

EDIT: Currently these instruction might be outdated so I'm in the process of updating them

Step 1) Login to your Twitter or Facebook account in one of your browser tabs.

Step 2) Open up another browser tab in the same browser and go to the Produce 101 voting page at http://mnettv.interest.me/produce101/main.dbp

Step 3) Click the login button to login to vote on Produce 101.

Step 4) Click on one of the buttons shown in order to vote using a twitter account or facebook account.

Step 5) If you click on the button to vote using facebook then the page should automatically go back to the voting page otherwise if you clicked on the button to vote using twitter then then it should take you to a page to authorise mnet to use you twitter account in which case click the "Authorize App" button. If you haven't used that facebook or twitter account to login before then you will need to register it with mnet as shown below.

Registration page 1

Registration page 2

Registration page 3

Registration page 4

Step 6) Click on the Pledis girl that we are voting for today. It maybe easier to look for the Pledis girls if you do a search(push Ctrl and F buttons on keyboard at same time) for "PLEDIS" in the page.

Step 7) Click the following button as shown to vote.

Step Eight) You will be asked to confirm whether you are sure you want to vote for the selected person. Click "OK" button.

Step 9)Enter the numbers and letters that are shown into the text box and then click the pink button.

Step 10) If you see the following message then you have successfully voted. Click the "X" image to continue.

Step 11) Click the logout button to logout of Produce 101.

Step 12) Logout of the facebook or twitter account that you have just voted with.

Step 13) Repeat steps 1 to 12 for all the other facebook and twitter accounts that you have.

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