Where's Orange Caramel? Giveaway BONUS Forum Puzzle!

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Where's Orange Caramel? Giveaway BONUS Forum Puzzle!

Post by captainsprunchz on Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:44 am

Enter the "Where's Orange Caramel?" Giveaway for a chance to win a MyCopyCat Album!
For DOUBLE the chance to win, earn the "Where's Orane Caramel? BONUS!" Badge!
To earn the badge you must:

1) Find all NINE Where's Orange Caramel? Puzzle Pieces in the forum

2) In the Submission box HERE, Upload the completed puzzle  OR Tell us where you found each puzzle piece.
*Ribbet.com is an easy way to put the puzzle together. Ribbet.com-> Create Collage-> Set proportions to Collumns: 3, Rows: 3-> Upload and Piece together Puzzle Images-> Click Done-> Click Save. 

  1. Puzzle Piece #1: "Welcome to ASDaze's Forum!"

  2. Puzzle Piece #2: Where can you... "Show your talents and post your fanarts and other creations"

  3. Puzzle Piece #3: Where's the place you can learn how to support After School in JAPAN?
  4. Puzzle Piece #4: Request A.S on TV Shows!

  5. Puzzle Piece #5: Where can you "...talk about different topics related to After School!"

  6. Puzzle Piece #6: After School has an upcoming tour in a certain country! Find that Country’s thread in the forum! 

  7. Puzzle Piece #7: Where can you find and post about your After School OTP's?

  8. Puzzle Piece #8: Where can you post your ideas or suggestions for the forum?

  9. Puzzle piece #9:  Where can you play the After School Survivor Game?
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