Final Week of the "Where's Orange Caramel?" and the "Ultimate Fan" Giveaways!

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Final Week of the "Where's Orange Caramel?" and the "Ultimate Fan" Giveaways!

Post by captainsprunchz on Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:25 am

Both the “Where’s Orange Caramel?” and the “Ultimate Fan!” Giveaways are ending September 20th! 

“Where’s Orange Caramel?” Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win a My CopyCat album!

Just go HERE and earn each Weeks (4 total) “Where’s Orange Caramel?” Badge! To earn each badge you must:

1) Find Orange Caramel in the background image provided (each week is different!)

2) Support Orange Caramel in a method of your choosing! (eezy-peezy)

3) COMING SOON!! BONUS! For DOUBLE the chance to win, Earn the “Where’s Orange Caramel? BONUS!” Badge!  Just find all nine “Where’s Orange Caramel?” puzzle pieces in the forum! Check back for more information!

*Our current "Where's Orange Caramel?" background (Week 4) is ... ANIMATED! Can you find where the Orange Caramel members appear?? Thanks Renzel for an awesome last game <3

**Suggestion: Since the MyCopyCat promotional cycle  is over, we suggest you gear yourself up for the next comeback by earning the So Syllabus, Very Voter, Much Materials, and The Ultimate Fan Badge!  Each badge will be counted as a “support of your choice”! Plus once you earn The Ultimate Fan Badge you’ll be automatically entered into our second Giveaway! More info below~

The Ultimate Fan Giveaway!

For a chance to win Orange Caramel’s Youth Trip Photobook, enter our Ultimate Fan Giveaway!

To enter the Giveaway all you have to do is earn The Ultimate Fan Badge (3 steps).

The Ultimate Fan Badge ensures you’ll have ALL the necessary materials to support After School during any given comeback! Plus it’ll be a prerequisite to all our comeback giveaways and contests in the future! So get a headstart now and a chance at an awesome prize!
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