[TUTORIAL] How to have an After School-themed Music Player :)

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[TUTORIAL] How to have an After School-themed Music Player :)

Post by Renzel on Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:20 pm

*I don't know if I'm in the right category, but I'll move it in a more-appropriate forum category later (:

Do you want to have an After School or Orange Caramel-themed music player? Then you're in the right thread. yaay! I'll show you guys a tutorial on how to have a Music Player with themes like these:

*Note: These music player skins are not mine. They are exclusively made by the goddess of music player layouts username-d ykcrusader at naver. I just wanted to share them to you guys because they are really awesome

1.) Download GOM Audio Player. Click free download.
2.) When the download is done, double click the downloaded file (from the destination folder where you saved it) and run the application. Do the instructions stated. Choose English as language (of course).
3.) Once successfully done installing (it will only take like half a minute or less), Open the audio player. It is entitled 'GOM Audio', it will be in your start menu or desktop (based on how you manually chose the options in the installation).
4.) Once you opened it, it still has it's normal skin which is like a dark brown grayish media player. Now what you have to do is download a skin to change it. Click the skin above that you like and follow the instructions.
5.) After downloading, double click it from the destination folder and it will automatically be directed to your GOM Audio Player and change it's skin.
Tadaa!! It's done! (:

You can also choose from different Kpop Girl Groups that you like (: They're all labeled in the left sidebar of the site. They are written in Hangul ^^

So yeah. If you guys have question, just comment them below and I'll help you guys as much as I can ^^ Good Luck on downloading!!


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