[Event] Mnet wants your reaction videos to Catallena to play to OC!

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[Event] Mnet wants your reaction videos to Catallena to play to OC!

Post by Jinana on Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:25 am

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/forum/view/660555

Have you seen Orange Caramel's latest video? Tune in to Mwave's MEET & GREET?

Here's your chance to be SEEN by the STARS!

During Orange Caramel's MEET & GREET, which is coming up soon, the girls will be REACTING to YOUR reaction videos!

All you need to do is upload your REACTION VIDEO in a comment below by March 21!

**Please upload by attaching a link to a video you upload on Youtube or other streaming video service. If you upload it directly to Mwave's Video Player, please also make sure to link us to a download link to your video. **

A total of SIX videos will be chosen - 3 EDITOR'S CHOICE, 3 MOST THUMBS UP - so make sure to get your friends to click THUMBS UP on your post!

The funnier, the more real, the better - and you can have as many people in your video as you like!
And the ultimate prize? Orange Caramel will be watching YOU live on MEET&GREET - and be reacting to you!

Comment and enter now!

Event length: 2014.03.14 - 2014.03.21
Rules: You must enter your own reaction video (or a friends, if you have permission).
Winners: 3 Editor's Choice, 3 Most Thumbs Up
Prize: Have your video appear on MEET&GREET and have Orange Caramel react to your reactions!

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