[FLICKS + INTERVIEW] 130410 Orange Caramel for Sports Today trans

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[FLICKS + INTERVIEW] 130410 Orange Caramel for Sports Today trans

Post by PlayboyzAdam on Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:50 am

cr: Sportstoday via Rika

Q : A hoobae who have left a good impression?

OC : Although we’re busy preparing for comeback, we’re still monitoring the music programs.
When we watch it, there’s a hoobae who really stands out and it’s Bangtan Boys. They’re basically very good, but this time; ‘Man in Love’ is really daebak.
Song, rap, dance, and even facial expression have left a good impression to us. And AOA also left us good impression. They’re pretty and they can even play instruments, and they are sexy too.We like them before, too; but even us are falling for them because of their recent sexy concept.

Q : I think OC/AS have become a ‘Sunbae’ without you even realize it?

OC : Aigoo! The great sunbaenim might angry at this!(laugh) Actually, we now have a lot of hoobaes and it’s amaze us somehow. When we’re going to music program, we were just busy to greet everyone but we don’t even realize that now the hoobaes are the one who greet us first. At that time, we feel it. As a sunbae, we feel that we need to work even harder to not lose from the hoobaes. We’ll be Orange Caramel who always be confident and do their best to not bring shame to the hoobaes!

Q : OC’s goals in 2014? OC : We want to properly stands out as

OrangeCaramel. Although a lot of people cover and imitate us, actually we haven’t rank #1 at music programs. In this year, as Orange Caramel, we aim for the best place. Also, we want to hold Orange Caramel concert on year-end. Ah, and another thing we couldn’t left out! We want to shoot an orange juice and a caramel CF.

[trans by ayu via ASdaisuki]

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Re: [FLICKS + INTERVIEW] 130410 Orange Caramel for Sports Today trans

Post by Jinana on Wed Mar 12, 2014 7:04 am

We want to shoot an orange juice and a caramel CF.
That would be so cute ~

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