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Post by Manal on Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:36 pm

(As we are foreign fans that only have a few Charts to streaming (listening online)
So, we HAVE TO do it on time (releasing Album) and
continue it every hour in every day together

it's just one minute that allow to listen, So be sure to listen it all with volume on
:And don't forget
 You must close the small page of player properly after listen-
You can’t play the same song 3x in a row
 you can create 5 IDs per email on Melon

Melon #1
Real Time Chart

How to Register on Melon, Vote and Rate MBC Music Show Champion

#2 Bugs
Real Time Chart

Creating an account on Bugs + Stream Songs

#3 Soribada

 Soribada accept Paypal and
 you can pretty much stream the songs all day long
streaming is unlimited if you purchase the song and)
( counts 50% towards the Soribada chart

#4 Olleh Music
Real Time Chart

Logging in on Olleh

#5 Monkey3
Real Time Chart

Now! we have the plan to be top on it
We will not see Orange Caramel win award without big support 

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Re: [DIGITAL CHARTS] Streaming

Post by PlayboyzAdam on Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:35 pm

Manal wrote: you can create 5 IDs per email on Melon

I thought you can only create 1 ID per email on Melon. There's a button that you have to push that checks to see if the email account has been used and if you don't push that button you can't register. Also the amount of Melon accounts you can get is limited by the amount of email accounts you have. There's lots of free email services out there. The one I used for a creating most of my Melon accounts is muchomail. You can create 15 muchomail mail accounts per day per IP address. With some email services like hushmail if you go over 15 email accounts your IP address will get blacklisted. muchomail is more safe because it won't blacklist your IP address but it will tell you to wait 24 hours to before you can register again. Also for those who don't know, an IP address is the address that identifies a network on the world wide web, all the computers on a network share the same IP address because they are on the same network. If you want to create more email accounts but you've done all you can with your home IP address you can go to the you local library and use their network or you the internet at work or at school.

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