[INTERVIEW] 140225 AfterSchool for TVNavi Magazine April - Trans

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[INTERVIEW] 140225 AfterSchool for TVNavi Magazine April - Trans

Post by PlayboyzAdam on Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:47 pm

(Nana to JungAh) Jungah can be ditzy sometimes.

(Eyoung to Juyeon) she seems quiet and behaving like a lady but she’s definitely not (laugh) she’s really funny.

(Nana to Uie) Uie looks cold but she’s actually full of aegyo.

(Nana to Raina) Raina can be like a friend or a sister… she can change her mood to suit any situations.

(Raina to Nana) Nana is always sleeping whenever she has time.

(Raina to Lizzy) Lizzy is always smiling and she’s like spreading happy virus.

(Lizzy to Eyoung )  Eyoung can be a little ditzy and weird sometimes (laugh) but cute

( Raina to Kaeun ) my dear Kaeun (laugh) she laughs alot, talented and thoughtful.

Credit: trans by Mee via ASDaisuki

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